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Our Story

Child's Pose Yoga


Child’s Pose Yoga was born in 2008 ‘out of the blue’.  It remained a concept, a far off dream but very much alive and well. Three years later while running on the beautiful grounds of Quadra Island, CPY blossomed from a concept into a reality.  It became clear that CPY was ready to enter this world and offer a space for kids and youth to explore their wellness, and to find freedom, peace, safety and joy. From that moment CPY took on a life of its own.

Fast forward to the summer of 2012 after a great deal of hard work, support from the community, lots of faith and what can only be described as divine intervention, CPY hosted the first-ever kids’ yoga camp on Quadra.  After applying to and receiving a grant from the The Pollination Project in December of 2012, CPY headed back to Quadra in the spring of 2013 to spend time at Quadra Elementary with students K-Grade 5.  Our work on Quadra continues to flourish! The second yoga camp was held in 2013 with more than twice the number of young yogis! Our next endeavour will be designing a Quiet Room within the elementary school where kids can take a few moments out of their day to find their breath, recharge and focus their minds.

The gift of yoga and mindfulness is universal and has the power to transform the way our kids move through this world.  It has the power to change the way they see themselves and others and how they engage with those around them. By teaching kids how to use their breath to support themselves and calm their bodies and minds, and how to cultivate kindness and compassion, CPY endeavours to Start Young, Change the World.  This work will never be ‘finished’ but CPY sees the beauty of creating and living it each and every day, striving to leave the world a better place than we found it.

Blessings and with gratitude for the opportunity to serve.


Rooted in the following Values, Child’s Pose Yoga provides a holistic opportunity for children and youth to explore their health and wellness.




Growing up in Winnipeg in a loving family, I spent my childhood laughing, playing until dark, riding my bike freely and enjoying life! I was a very sensitive child. I absorbed much of what went on around me. I worried a lot, mostly about getting sick and about my safety. Ironically, I was rarely sick and I was always safe. Fast forward 20 years and this anxiety stayed with me. The older I got the more intensely it grew. It wasn’t until I started practicing yoga that I was able to understand that if I changed my thoughts, I changed my reality. Talk about powerful. I learned how to breathe, with intention and attention, and everything changed.


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The following offerings will help your child to cultivate wellness, health and inner peace. Programs are intended for ages 5+ unless otherwise indicated.


Yoga Movement

Yoga is controlling the thought waves of the mind. This 5000 year old practice teaches us to breathe, move our bodies and relax our minds, in ways that cultivate strength, focus and determination, as well as foster ease, joy and lightness. Kids will learn basic yoga postures and breathing techniques designed to encourage circulation, release tension and develop calm minds.


Meditation and Relaxation Sessions

This 60 minute session introduces young ones to the practice of stillness and concentration, using visualization, music, breathwork, ancient yoga practices and mandalas (yogic diagrams designed to facilitate concentration).



Writing can be extremely cathartic! Writing about life’s (stressful) events can help us come to terms with them, thus reducing the impact of these stressors on our physical health. Journaling can act as a gentle release, allowing us to let go, and not carry around unresolved emotions. In this 45 minute session students will be taught the basics of journaling and guided through weekly exercises. All ages (for younger ages, creative art and drawings will replace writing).


Creative Movement

Music, dance, free style and going with the flow are the words best used to describe this session! Kids will be invited and encouraged to explore movement by tuning into their natural rhythms. As well, traditional and contemporary yoga practice will be incorporated into the fun! Ages 8+


Yogis (Boys Yoga!)

These sessions are intended to tap into that awesome male energy (yang), and incorporate the opposite female energy (yin) to create balance and calm. Think flows and dynamic postures complemented by slow, relaxing postures and final meditation.


Yoginis (Girls Yoga!)

Using the divine feminine energy of the yoginis, focus will be on developing inner and outer strength, confidence and empowerment.



There is no better gift we can give ourselves than that of pure relaxation. In this uber-passive yoga practice, with the use of a variety of props, we engage the parasympathetic nervous system (the one responsible for the relaxation response) and we simply allow the mind to return to its natural states of pure awareness. Inviting the body to relax completely, muscles, ligaments and tendons soften, as the entire body lets go of tensions and holding. Blissful! Ages 8+



Any and all of the above offerings can be shared in a private setting one-on-one, or in semi-private groups of two or three. Please contact us for more details.


Summer Day Camp!

This week long experience offers an introduction to the practice of yoga including postures, breathwork and meditation. Young yogis and yoginis explore physical movement, creative yoga art projects, mindful activity and relaxation. To ensure the utmost in energy, healthy vegetarian snacks are provided and made with love and attention! If you are interested in sending your child to summer camp 2014, please send us an email.


Classroom and School Visits

Child’s Pose offers sessions designed to bring peace, mindfulness and focus to your school classroom. If you have a group of 10 or more teachers and are looking for ways to introduce this to your students or if you’re interested in having Child’s Pose Yoga come to your child’s school? Please send an email for more details.

Click Gallery for some photos of yoga at Quadra Elementary!

Adult Offerings

Adult offerings include Hatha, Restorative and Candlelit yoga, as well as private sessions. Please send an email to info@childsposeyoga.ca for more information.






We are proud to be connected with and supported by the following AMAZING organizations and businesses – small, large, local, provincial, national and International!

Amped on NutritionThe Pollination Project
Discovery Passage AquariumTru Value Foods
hOMe Grown Living FoodsWhole Foods Markets
Lime Soda PhotographyYellow Dog Trading
Nature's Path Organic FoodsYWCA
Quadra Island SoapsBeautiful handmade meditation cushions and eye pillows were made with love by:
Inner Fire Creations
Young and RawHealthyway Natural Foods
The Little Yoga MatDrishti Point
Quadra Island RecreationYummi Yogi



Get Involved



If you are inspired by what we do, we would love for you to consider donating so that we may continue offering yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice to the kids on Quadra, within communities around BC and the world!

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If your child is between 12-18 and looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity to get involved in promoting health, compassion and wellness within the community, please see below for opportunities!

Yogi in action
– during class this volunteer assists with any craft projects and helps ensure all of the kids’ needs are met and everyone has lots of personalized attention!

Yogi behind the scenes
– before and after sessions this volunteer helps to set up and tidy up the space before and after classes as well as for special events.

Community Connector
– helping to promote events and programs to the community this volunteer spreads the word about CPY and gets everyone excited and inspired!

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Energy Exchange

Endeavouring to make CPY’s offerings as accessible as possible, in the spirit of Karma Yoga – the act of selfless service, we offer alternatives for those who are unable to cover the full registration amount due to financial hardship. Discounts may be extended, as well, exchanges for service may be considered, as well as other viable options *, to ensure as many kids as possible have the opportunity to experience yoga.

* Individual situations will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. If you would like more information on our Karma program, please email info@childsposeyoga.ca



Phone: 604.833.1140

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